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Stationary play an important role in any business and this is an aspect that is being given close attention to lately because of its importance out of which an envelope plays the most important role out of the lot. Although with all the technical advancements business letters are seldom posted across town. People are constantly in search of a personal touch and as we all know more than the product customer service plays an even major role in comparison. As something so small it sure does play a crucial role in businesses. Take a few minutes from your busy schedule to sit and decide about what happens to your business stationery and implement the changes as below in order for the envelopes to work in your favor not only by serving its purpose but by also contributing in various ways that we are about to discuss below.

Here is a list of protocols that ought to be followed in order to have your custom printed business envelopes work in your favour:
1. Unique size The question running in your head could be why a unique size when a standard size of any stationary is of convenience. It is simply to stand out. To stand out amongst all the other envelopes and grab attention. The average mail received by a small scale company would be not less than 10 per day and most mail that comes in goes unnoticed unless expected. This unique size adds a subtle compulsion to be opened.

2. Quality of paper Although sticking to the basics seems economical but choosing from the wide range of conquerors and other fantastic paper that’s available in the market will simply state quality. Keep in mind that a brand or a company is constantly being judged and allowing a silly slip up in the envelopes isn’t something clients appreciate. Therefore, take the time to choose quality paper and increase your budget a wee bit higher to promote your business.

3. Branding & style Most branded envelopes would include a logo on one of the corners with their business address at the bottom and that would be it. Since the envelope represents the company why not add in a bit of creativity while you are at it. Although white is most commonly recommended for envelopes why not choose your brand colour, choose different options for printing and don’t stick to the cliché designs of cornered logos. Give your designer a slight nudge and get his creative side running in your favour to give you options that aren’t standardized.

Here are the benefits of business envelopes:

1. Credibility When a customer receives any document in a systematic and organized manner such as placed inside a quality envelope it broadly indicates that your company stands for excellence and pays attention to detail. Since the above aspects play a huge role in silently speaking tons for your company pay heed to this and continue to make a good impression.

2. Promotional tool These personalized business envelopes don’t just play its role but it also is a mode of marketing the company. With personalized branding of the company’s logo on an envelope, it acts as an ambassador to your brand spreading the word around.

3. Professionalism Chucking in legal documents such as invoices, proposals, and contracts into a normal a4 sized, all-white envelope isn’t something that is accepted these days. People either turn to e-documents or proper professional-looking customized envelopes. A clean, uniquely sized branded envelopes state professionalism and in turn adds value to your brand name.

Having understood the dire need to have personalized business envelopes to work in your favor do not forget to check off the above aspects and features while deciding on your envelopes.

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