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T-shirt is one of those most loved pieces of clothing that you can find in almost every wardrobe. For many of us, a t-shirt is a part of our personality. All these titbits make t-shirts an ideal medium for branding, business promotion, and marketing. Businesses often hand out personalized t-shirts to promote a business idea, advertise a new line of products, or to commemorate an upcoming business event. If you are aiming for the same, then here is your best guide to design amazing personalized t shirts for your business:

Identify the need Your business may give away a personalized t-shirt as a promotional gift, keep it for internal company usage by the employees, sell them as merchandise, or distribute them as event souvenirs. Irrespective of the reason, the primary underlying idea for printing a personalized t-shirt is always branding. In that case, the design of your t-shirt must be in line with your branding and theme of your products. The design of your t-shirt must communicate your business message. Identify the key themes that are consistent with your brand to come up with a convincing design idea for your personalized t-shirts.

Clarify budget and quantity Before you jump straight to designing a t-shirt, you must clarify the amount of money you can invest in printing and the number of t-shirts you require. You can decide on the type of colors, preferable theme, and printing techniques according to your specified budget and required quantity. Eventually, you may end up spending more than required if you do not pre-define your parameters for budget and quantity.

Figure out available printing options There are various available options when it comes to printing personalized t-shirts. Which one works best for you depends on multiple parameters such as budget, expected printing quality, production time, and materials required. Here are some printing options to consider:

Screen printing The primary standard for t-shirt printing is screen printing. The method is suitable for high-quality bulk printing requirements under a tight budget. Vinyl graphics – an alternate, more durable printing method is vinyl graphics. It is ideal for more precise, durable, high-quality printing. However, it may get expensive. Print-on-demand – a newer, more favored online printing option is direct-to-garment or print-on-demand. In this case, you may get options for customizable designs and expensive color choices, but it may not be suitable for bulk printing requirements when you need hundreds of t-shirts.

Create a conceptual design Set loose your creative horses to come up with an appropriate conceptual design. For this, you can consider following options: Type – start with the type of t-shirt. Would you prefer a regular round neck t-shirt or a more formal buttoned, collar neck t-shirt? Will it be a v-neck, a crop top, hooded, short sleeved, long sleeved, or jacket style with pockets? The options are endless. Color and style – what type of graphics do you prefer? Do you want a t-shirt in sober or bright colors? Do you prefer contrasting hues or standard color pallet? Do you prefer symmetrical designs, intricate line work, or uncomplicated modern graphics? Size – same size may not fit all. So, you must consider the size for the printed garment. Typography – not every font will look great on a piece of clothing. Prefer standard classic fonts over swirly typography. Consider your audience. Identify the intended goals. Come up with a design that suitably aligns with your business identity and precisely communicates your business message. Get it printed You can hire a professional or outsource the printing to one of the established designing firms. They have professional designers to transfer your conceptual design from paper to print. Remember, to precisely communicate your design preferences and technical requirements. Once you are convinced with the final output, you can take the appropriate files and color codes from the designer. Next, you can get a print of the design on a t-shirt sample. Once you are happy with the output, you can proceed with the bulk order.

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